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Luxury Reed Diffuser

Luxury Reed Diffuser

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The newest member of The Aroma Candle Co family


Delivering up to 6 months of continuous fragrance, our NEW Luxury Reed Diffusers are the perfect low-maintenance option to enjoy all of our Signature Scents - including our two NEW arrivals LUST and DRIFT.


Using the finest, high quality fragrances and an eco-friendly base, our Luxury Reed Diffusers are hand poured, delicately blended and created right here in our North East studio. Paired with our anti-clog black fibre reeds, it's the perfect option for a continuous scent throw in your home.


- 200ml high quality, eco-friendly fragrance

- Paraben free

- Includes 8 x black fibre reeds

- Up to 6 months continuous scent throw

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When your Luxury Reed Diffuser arrives, make sure to remove it from the box carefully. 
Remove the cork, insert all 8 black, fibre reeds and style as you desire. The reeds are engineered not to clog, so we avoid flipping them too often. We advise flipping them every 2-3 weeks or when you want a boost and giving the fragrance a stir as you do for optimal scent throw. 
Place on a flat, non-delicate surface with extreme care taken to ensure it is away from draughts, out of reach of children and pets and in an area where it is unlikely to be knocked. 

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