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The Stories Behind the Scent


A woody, yet creamy experience. On first inhale, experience the earthy musk of tobacco leaf with the subtle hint of spice. You'll be taken on a journey that sees notes of Tobacco Blossom and Tonka Bean blend in harmony with the strong throw of Vanilla Bean and Cacao. End your experience with the lingering of wood notes and dried fruit. The perfect scent for balance and restoration.


Choose this scent for a woody, yet oriental, experience.

On first inhale, experience the woody aroma of black cardamom blend seamlessly with oriental ginger and pink pepper. A sense of clarity is restored as your space is filled with the feminine notes of jasmine, the oriental flows of black orchid and the freshness of water lily. Notice how the mind clears and your space becomes encapsulated with the lingering base notes of sandalwood, leather and black amber end this signature burn. The perfect scent for clarity and relaxation.


Choose this scent for a fresh and clean experience. On first inhale, experience the freshness of grapefruit fuse into the earthy tones of vetiver and cedar. Delicate, floral tones of bay leaf and bramble fill your space, while the burst of blackberries noticeably becomes present and creates a space of calm and tranquillity. A true sense of innocence for those who want to experience a clear mind and a calm space. The perfect scent to soothe and relax the mind. 


Choose this scent for a fruity & floral experience. On first inhale, experience true perfection as the burst of ripe raspberries bites into the deepness of black & pink peppercorns. Your journey will blend hints of citrus with the delicate blossoms of fresh rose to bring true beauty into your space. The lingering scent of mixed berries will continue to burst through the air, lifting the mood and elevating any tensions or stresses that the day may bring.



Choose this scent for an indulgent and seductive experience. Light the candles, close your eyes and get comfortable as deep notes of dark plum seduce your space and intertwines with the crush of wild berry. The scent deepens and introduces lashings of pressed liquorice mixed with a subtle note of rhubarb; a seriously sexy experience. The perfect scent for those looking for confidence and to feel empowered.


Choose this scent for a soothing, yet refreshing experience. Be at one with your space and drift into a sense of calm with this new scent. Delicate throws of fresh sea salt and water lily intertwine with the earthiness of driftwood and patchouli to bring you a flow of clarity and relaxation. The perfect scent for a sense of calm and restoration. 

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