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A B O U T 



How We Got Here


We want to bring you high end luxury while being conscious about our footprint on the environment. 
All of our candles are created using only the highest quality soy wax and are delicately prepared by hand using fragrances that will fill your room burn after burn. We ensure all elements of every product we bring you are sustainably sourced, eco-friendly and we pride ourselves on always being paraben & lead free. Each fragrance we release has been through vigorous testing and each vessel we bring you is an art piece that can be displayed in your home with confidence. 


All of our products are hand-poured in the North East of England by me; Rebecca. My career has seen me with over 10 years of experience in Spa & Wellness, working in both spas and luxury salons, and I am fully qualified in Beauty Science, Aromatherapy and Spa Therapies. I've trained alongside some of the leading beauty brands and therapists and more recently my career has seen me travelling the world which has brought a new level to my expertise. My love for holistic therapies has driven me to create a brand that has no competition. I want to collate my passion for luxury with my knowledge of wellness to compose a collection that brings a little bit of the world into your space.  

Our collection is signature and it is limited

Creating the perfect blends requires patience and perfection. This means that each selection you make is hand-poured and made to order, resulting in an end product that is created solely for you and your space. 

Less is more.

We want to ensure everything we do is perfection, so by keeping our collection small, it gives you the best end result we can offer. We will be launching a new release for the opening of a new season, but due to the popularity of these, they are always limited stock, so we advise signing up to our newsletter to ensure you never miss their release. 

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