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Replacement Diffuser Reeds (8)

Replacement Diffuser Reeds (8)

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Our reed diffusers are larger than your average and sometimes the reeds will reach end of life before all of the fragrance has been diffused. 


If you notice that the scent throw is decreasing, but you still have fragrance left and no amount of reed flipping is enhancing this, we suggest replacing your fibre reeds.  


Simply discard the old reeds from your diffuser, give your diffuser a careful stir and insert your new replacements - et voila! Enjoy another few weeks of perfect scent throw...


Our replacement fibre reeds come in sets on 8 and we recommend replacing all reeds at the same time for maximum effect. 


This product contains 8 replacement black fibre reeds. No other diffuser product is included. 

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Please Note: Our products have been formulated and tested to perform with only our black fibre reeds. There are a lot of reeds available in stores and online, but quality and material varies amongst suppliers. We do not recommend using reeds from other brands as we cannot guarantee they will perform well with our formulations. 

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