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The Eden Burner

The Eden Burner

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Our beautiful Eden Burners are the perfect addition to any home styling.

Available in two Signature colours, place a tealight inside, slide a cube of your favourite Signature Scent into the bowl then sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful throws encapsulate your space.


Each burner comes with 1 x Full Size Wax Melt in your choice of scent.


So, what are you waiting for?

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Please take care when using your Eden Tealight Burner. 
If you do not follow our safety advice, serious injury can occur. 
Keep your burner out of reach of animals & children. 

Removal of Wax Melt
Light a tealight inside the burner and after 10-20 seconds your wax melt should just slide out. 
DO NOT use pressure to remove your wax melt
DO NOT use a knife or any other tool to prise your wax melt out of the burner. Each burner is made from ceramic and is delicate. 
DO NOT remove your wax when it is melted. Melted wax is extremely hot and serious injury can occur. 

- Always place your Silhouette Tealight Burner on a flat, even surface.
- To avoid overspill, only use one cube of wax in the bowl at a time.
- Only use one 4 hour tealight at a time inside your burner
- Open flames and melted wax are DANGEROUS and the burner itself can get very hot. DO NOT move your burner when the wax is melted or a tealight is lit inside and let the burner cool completely before touching it.  

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