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The Classic

The Classic

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A classic burn that suits any setting


Using only the finest fragrances, our cotton-wicked candles are hand poured and delicately crafted using plant based wax in white glassware that throws upto 40 hours of scent into your space


- Proudly Paraben and Cruelty Free
- Vegan Friendly 
- Upto 40 hours burn time

- Packaged in an Ethically Sourced Drawstring Cotton bag


Check out of Scent Stories page to see which scent is right for you...

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- When you first light your candle, ensure it burns for at least 3-4 hours or until the wax has completely melted to the edge of the glassware. For every burn there after, burn until the melt pool reaches the edges

- Never let your candle burn for longer than 4 hours at a time

- Between burns, extinguish the flame with a snuffer and ensure you cut your wick down with a wick trimmer to prevent your candle from smoking and prolong the scent throw

- Always place your candle on a flat, non-delicate surface that is away from draughts, children and pets

- Here at The Aroma Candle Co., we love doing our bit for the environment. Please do reuse your glassware and remember to tag us in your upcycles!

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