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How to Scent Your Space

Have you ever walked in to a space and been over taken by it's scent? It can be a place, a person, a home. Has it ever captivated you so much that when you smell the scent you're instantly transported back to that event or moment? The link between scent and memory is so strong and it's a one that we are so passionate about here at The Aroma Candle Co. We want your space to be filled with the perfect scent that compliments your mood, but is also suited to your space. To do this, we need you to know exactly how to choose the right product for you and how to use that product to get the ultimate scent throw.

CHOOSING YOUR SCENT This is the biggie. What space are you wanting to scent? Is it a bedroom? A living area? A washroom? Now you need to think, what do I normally do in this room? Ultimately, you don't want a scent that is suited to lifting your mood and boosting your energy if you're going to be burning it on an evening when you're getting ready to unwind and relax. Maybe consider DUSK for deep and creamy notes into your evening or AURA for a some oriental freshness in your space. Likewise, if you want your scent in an entrance or a living area, you want something that is fun and inviting that isn't going to send your guests to sleep. In these spaces, I'd recommend CRUSH for a beautiful, fruitful burst of scent or LINEN if you prefer a crisp, clean experience.


Now, this one is really down to personal preference. Wax melts cocoon your home in scent. It swims through your space and lingers long after it has been blown out. It's the perfect, natural alternative to electrical plug-ins or aerosol sprays - and lasts way longer. If you enjoy basking in scent and changing it up regularly to suit your mood and space then a wax melt is the ultimate option for you.

However, Candles are an indulgence, designed to be ritualised and absorbed. What we mean by this is, don't just light a candle and walk away. Dedicate the time to tune in to your breathing. Notice, if your body is tense, where do you feel this? Take a moment to light your candle and take 5 to absorb the benefits that come with having a few minutes of being at one with yourself and your mind.

PLACING YOUR PRODUCT Okay, so the best advice I can give is to keep all of your products at nose-level or below. We all know that heat rises, so when we burn a fragrance, it's temperature is increased and it releases fragrance into our space. Having your burner on too-high of a surface can alter how it is distributed into your space. (Although, please be careful of choosing the right place that is out of reach of children and pets - they're more important than any scent!). It's also worth noting how large the space is you want to fill with scent. Have you considered lighting the candle AND wax melt of the same scent in larger rooms? The scent throw is like no other - definitely a must for those with high ceilings or open living.

I hope this How-To guide has been helpful, if you've got any questions about any of our scents or products, please do not hesitate to drop us a message. We love hearing from you and we'd love to help!

Love Becca x

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